FLOATSOFT is an analytical naval engineering calculations add-on for SOLIDWORKS, providing stability, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis to aid ship design. It tests the hull model in the intended conditions, and provides various analytical reports. With FLOATSOFT, you don’t need to make manual calculations, which saves time and costs.

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Whether you are designing a simple raft or a multi-million dollar tanker, FLOATSOFT will make sure it stays afloat.

Get real-time analytical hull data

FLOATSOFT brings all the necessary analytical tools to evaluate the hydrostatics of any hull at any stage of the process, providing you instant feedback on the geometry changes, and helping you optimize the design.

Predict performance and estimate power requirements

Using FLOATSOFT resistance prediction models, you can estimate power requirements to achieve desired performance, discover ways to improve speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Evaluate stability and meet safety standards

FLOATSOFT provides the tools to extrapolate stability data from the hull you are designing, view it in a readable, easy-to-understand format, and use it to determine – and prove if necessary, – that the vessel is safe and seaworthy.

Discover the optimal handling characteristics

With FLOATSOFT, you can easily see how the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic properties change with different heel, trim and displacement values, helping you discover the optimal load distribution and handling strategies.

Get data on additional floating hardware

FLOATSOFT is not limited to boats and ships. You can use all the available analytical tools on any object that is intended to be placed on water – buoys, floating bridges, barges, pontoons, etc., and get the usual data reports presented both numerically and graphically.

Build technical documentation

FLOATSOFT provides most, if not all, naval design data required to build specifications and other technical documentation of vessels of any size and complexity, allowing to save time and costs associated with stability validation and adherence to naval safety standards.

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