Orienting and submerging a hull designed in SOLIDWORKS

FLOATSOFT takes the hull modeled in SOLIDWORKS, and allows you to “put it on the water”, using 7 distinct modes to set the orientation and waterline height based on the design data you have available.

Automatic draft adjustment to keep the design displacement

FLOATSOFT allows you to input the displacement (weight) of the vessel, and automatically adjusts the draft (waterline height) regardless of the heel and trim values, taking out the manual guesswork of trying to set the correct draft by hand.

Extensive and informative hydrostatic and stability reports

Once the hull is oriented and submerged, FLOATSOFT performs an analysis of up to 27 distinct hydrostatic properties – displacement, metacentric height, righting moments, block and prismatic coefficients, wetted surface area, entry angles, hull speed, and much more.

Natural buoyancy simulation with a given load location

“How will the vessel sit in the water in this load condition?” – is one of the most frequent real-life questions when designing a hull. FLOATSOFT answers it with the Simulate Natural Buoyancy mode that automatically sets the heel, trim and draft values based on the displacement and location of the Center of Mass.

Data comparisons and iteration through multiple design conditions

FLOATSOFT allows you to iterate through draft, displacement, heel or trim by a given step size to build arrays of information, such as draft tables, trim tables, stability curves, and much more. You can also compare hydrostatics reports for several different load or orientation conditions in just a few seconds.

Extensive customization for performance and accuracy

FLOATSOFT provides a wealth of model-specific settings that allow you to fine-tune the accuracy of the calculations versus performance, adjust how the model is interpreted, and enable or disable specific reports. Input and output data is supported in metric, imperial and nautical units of measurement.

Hydrodynamic resistance reports

FLOATSOFT now also features hydrodynamic resistance reports based on KAPER and HOLTROP methods that cover a wide range of hulls, allowing you to evaluate individual components of resistance at a given range of speeds.

Support for any hull type

FLOATSOFT supports for hulls of any size and shape: model boats, paddleboards, surfboards, dinghies, pontoons, barges, rowboats, powerboats, yachts, hydrofoilers, floatplanes, ferries, cargo ships, oil tankers, aircraft carriers, and so on.

Exporting report data

When analysis is complete, FLOATSOFT will allow you to export calculation results graphically in .png format, or numerically in .csv for usage with Microsoft Excel, Libre Office Calc or similar software.

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To learn about the SOLIDWORKS model requirements for FLOATSOFT, click here.
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