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  • New features:
    • Added Average entry half-angle to the available calculations, made by adding the Port and Starboard half-entry angles and dividing by two.
    • Implemented a Trial version for trying out the application for 7 days. Additionally, the Authorization window has been reworked, allowing to send the request for either Trial License or Full License directly from within the application.
    • Added a stats tracker that collects and sends various information about the usage of the program to improve the future versions. The information collected is strictly anonymous, (no specific information about the user, his computer, or the SOLIDWORKS model is ever being collected).
    • FLOATSOFT will now automatically launch with Administrator priviledges to ensure file write permissions and proper connection to SOLIDWORKS. If the application is unable to do that, it will inform you with a message that you might want to re-run it as Administrator yourself.
  • Changes:
    • Removed Analyze hull button. FLOATSOFT will no longer create a move-copy feature re-position the SOLIDWORKS model like before. Now, it will  create a Virtual Body copy of it, and position it instead. This means that you can run calculations at any roll-back state in your Feature Tree without any special preparation. In other words, FLOATSOFT is now completely independent of SOLIDWORKS Features.
    • In addition to the change above, the coordinate system has been reworked. From now on, the Center of Gravity coordinates match those of SOLIDWORKS. This means you can create a Center of Mass feature in SOLIDWORKS for your convenience, and copy it’s coordinates to CoG Coordinates fields in the Main window of FLOATSOFT. You can also use the Get From Model button to do this automatically. Also, CoG Location in the Main window has been renamed to CoG Coordinates.
    • Auto-trim function in Iterate Through Heel mode is now independent of the CoG Coordinates inputs. It will now instead ask you to input the initial trim angle, and throughout the iteration, it will attempt to adjust the trim automatically to keep the CoB in the same lateral plane as it was at that initial trim angle.
    • Shaved off one second from application load-up time.
    • FLOATSOFT executables will now have a version name included in the file name to avoid ambiguity when upgrading to a newer version. Version numbers were added to the earlier versions in the Download section of this website as well.
    • Removed the (Select mode) line from the calculation modes list – the application will now select Solve With Known Draft by default. Additionally, the draft input will be set to 1/3 of the maximum draft so that the user can immediatelly use the Run! button to run the calculations without any input required upon opening the application for the first time.
    • The application will now correctly set the original hull visibility when launching (according to the last user input), and set it back to Visible when exiting.
    • Increased the line weight in graphs for better visibility.
  •  Bug fixes:
    • Fixed several crashes that sometimes occured when starting or exiting the application while editing a sketch or a feature.
    • Severely reduced the number of failed calculations with a message “FLOATSOFT failed to perform a required operation with this hull model […]”. If that error were to occur again, the application shouldn’t crash anymore.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an incorrect waterplane area calculation.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Trim angle input to be greyed out in the Main window after un-checking the Auto-trim checkbox.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented using Iterate Through Trim with negative trim angle values. Also fixed the incorrect trim angle sign that sometimes occured in various displays.
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