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  • New features:
    • FLOATSOFT will now generate a log next to the application executable. This log will be automatically sent to us should you choose to send a Bug Report via the Feedback window. The log does not track everything yet, but it should cover most of the basic functions.
  • ┬áBug fixes:
    • Fixed a crash that occured when clicking on the Get CoG from model button while the model is hidden in SOLIDWORKS model view.
    • Fixed a crash that occured when trying to open a file with non-latin characters in the file name or path.
    • Fixed a bug where the CoG would not update properly in Iterate Through Heel mode with Auto-trim function enabled.
    • Fixed Simulation mode getting stuck in an infinite loop when it cannot find a solution. If a solution cannot be found, it will notify the user in a pop-up message box.
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