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  • It is now possible to limit the range of heel and trim angles when using Simulate Natural Buoyancy mode. This allows for a faster solution, and also to narrow down the required solution when the vessel can be stable in multiple orientations. The limits can be set via Settings Simulation angle limits.


  • If SOLIDWORKS API call fails to provide valid measurements for the hull at specific orientation and submersion due to invalid geometry, FLOATSOFT will attempt to slightly adjust the draft until a solution is possible. If this adjustment is included in the solution that is used to take final measurements, there will be a warning message to notify the user that the results might be slightly off, rather than providing no results at all.
  • Added a splash screen and changed the application icon to the new company logo.


  • Improved resilience to crashes due to invalid geometry SOLIDWORKS bodies.
  • Added a missing displacement check to Simulate Natural Buoyancy mode.
  • Fixed the Feedback window functionality and automated crash reports.
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