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  • You can now double-click on any column in the results table in the Iterative modes to load that iteration in the SOLIDWORKS model view (if Show processed hull is enabled), and also run Resistance calculations on that specific iteration.
  • Added an ability to generate SOLIDWORKS macro that will launch FLOATSOFT from within SOLIDWORKS. To generate this macro, click the dedicated button in the Settings menu.


  • Application will now display only the final solution render in the SOLIDWORKS model view area. The intermediate steps will not be shown. “Debug mode” has been added to Settings window that reverts this behavior to earlier one.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong units in the results table header row in Iterative modes.
  • Fixed SOLIDWORKS file extension getting added to the exported file names.
  • Fixed a crash when opening Resistance window with dual-monitor setup.
  • Fixed a crash caused by memory file usage by other applications.
  • Fixed a crash when taking CoG from invalid SOLIDWORKS files.
  • Added protection for resistance calculations with invalid models and unrealistic immersion.
  • Added write protection to exported files.
  • Fixed message boxes appearing behind splash screen.
  • Fixed Iterate Through Trim mode allowing invalid trim values.
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