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How licensing works

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A FLOATSOFT license is issued as 12-character key that enables the use of the application on a single computer at a time. Upon downloading the program executable, the user must input his License Key to activate the license on that computer. The application connects to the FloatSoft server to validate the License Key, and tie it to the unique Computer ID, returning an Activation Key that unlocks the application for use during the license period on that specific computer. The License Key can be released by deactivating it on the same computer, and activating it on another one, but it cannot be activated on several computers at once. If the license gets stuck on a computer that is lost or unrecoverable, contact us at, and we will release the license.

Please note that computer must have active Internet connection when activating or deactivating the license, but afterwards the connection is not required. Subscribtion and Lifetime license users can perform an offline activation on a computer that must be kept disconnected from the Internet at all times, but this activation can be performed only once per license period for Subscription license users, and unlimited number of times for Lifetime license users. Educational licenses cannot be activated offline.

Your license entitles you to a copy of the current version of FLOATSOFT, as well as any future versions, updates and bug fixes with no additional cost. You may not, however, or distribute/re-sell your license to a third party.

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