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SOLIDWORKS model requirements

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To function as intended, FLOATSOFT has a several requirements when preparing the hull model in SOLIDWORKS for analysis. 

  • The hull model must be in an open .sldprt file. If your model is done in SOLIDWORKS Assembly (.sldasm), follow this video tutorial for tips how to set up a simplified hull copy part for analysis.
  • The model must contain a single, solid Body, that is correctly oriented in respect to the coordinate axes. Bow must point along the Z positive axis, port side must lie on the X positive side, and the hull must be positioned upright (along Y positive axis), as illustrated below:

(Note: it is not necessary to move the hull in respect of the planes as illustrated in the picture above. Only the orientation matters. FLOATSOFT will automatically position a virtual copy of the hull to the illustrated position. The original model will remain untouched.)

  • Apart from the hull Body, there might be additional Surfaces or unused Sketches in the model. They will not impede the functionality of FLOATSOFT, nor will they be used in any way.
  • SOLIDWORKS model must be saved anywhere on your computer.
  • The hull model must be a solid, filled Body. FLOATSOFT  does not feature flood mechanics, and will treat any open space as a cavity that is to be flooded as soon as the waterline reaches it. Therefore, hollow-shell hulls are not supported. Illustrated below:
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