What kind of hulls does FLOATSOFT support?

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FLOATSOFT supports pretty much every hull imaginable, ranging from a bathtub rubber duck, through a ballasted keel sailing yacht, to a half a million ton oil supertanker. Model boats, paddleboards, surfboards, hydrofoilers, water birds, floatplanes – you name it, we’ve got it. Throw a flower pot into the FLOATSOFT, and it will show you how that pot floats. Please note that there are some calculation simplifications when dealing with multiple underwater bodies, described in section 4.1. 

While the FLOATSOFT wasn’t designed with submarines in mind, you can still use it that way. Set the Displacement or Draft just a tiny fraction below the maximum possible Displacement or Draft, so your submarine is almost completely immersed, and the calculations won’t be affected much by the minuscule surfaced part of the hull.

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