8. Disclaimer

FloatSoft disclaims any liability for failed designs, damage or loss of ships that were designed using the Hydrostatics Calculator that could occur due to misuse or misunderstanding of how this software works. While the formulas used in hydrostatic calculations are widely known in the naval industry and were tested with dozens of hulls on Hydrostatics Calculator against real-life data of various vessels, no software is ultimately fault-free, and it is impossible to guarrantee 100% reliability for every imaginable and unimaginable scenario. Please use common sense when using the results provided by this application, and if any of the numbers cause any suspicion, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.

Since version 1.30, Hydrostatics Calculator features a stats tracker that collects and sends various information about the usage of the program to www.floatsoft.net to improve the future versions of this application. The information collected is strictly anonymous (no specific information about the user, his computer, or the SOLIDWORKS model is ever being collected).