9. Known bugs and bug reporting

If you encounter any bugs, crashes, inaccurate/inconsistent results, or otherwise suspect any faults, please do not hesitate to use the Feedback button in the Main window, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our team is standing by to fix problems and roll out an updated version to you as soon as possible. If you are submitting a bug report manually (not via Feedback), please include all of the following:

  1. The SOLIDWORKS .sldprt file that you were analyzing;
  2. The [model name].cfg and [model name].mem files in the Config and Memory folders next to the Hydrostatics Calculator executable;
  3. A detailed description of the steps you took so we can re-create the issue.

As of version 1.30, there are the following known bugs:

  • Sometimes the calculations may fail with a message "Hydrostatics Calculator failed to perform a required operation with this hull model". This is due to an imperfect Operations3 API call implementation by SOLIDWORKS that Hydrostatics Calculator uses to cut the model hull at the waterline. This operation sometimes fails at a very specific hull orientation and immersion. There is little we can do about it; if this occurs repeatedly, try to reduce the complexity of the model (roll back the Feature Tree to skip the features that are irrelevant to the hull hydrostatics), or try a slightly different Displacement or Draft value. Sometimes deleting the .mem file in the Memory folder for your model will cause the Hydrostatics Simulator to take a different approach to solving your calculation, and skip this error.
  • Sometimes you may encounter a message "No solution found" when using modes other than Simulation. This is because modes that require displacement-searching algorithm use part of the code from the Simulation mode. Though this is mostly fixed, it can still theoreticall happen, so if you encounter this error, please let us know so we can test it and fix it.
  • If there are multiple running instances of SOLIDWORKS, the Hydrostatics Calculator may fail to connect to the correct one, and display an error message. In such a case, save your work, close SOLIDWORKS, use Task Manager to kill all instances SOLIDWORKS (there might be some hidden ones in the Background Processes), open SOLIDWORKS, and try again. Additionally, make sure your anti-virus is not blocking the Hydrostatics Calculator executable. You can add it the Exceptions of your anti-virus to be sure.
  • Visual artifacts: in rare cases, there might be some leftover Virtual Bodies visible in the SOLIDWORKS model view, that persist even when Hydrostatics Calculator is closed. They do not affect the performance of functions of Hydrostatics Calculator in any way. You can remove them by closing and re-opening the SOLIDWORKS model. Most of these artifacts are eliminated by now, but some may still persist.


Your help in finding and eliminating bugs is greatly appreciated!