Video tutorials

This Tutorial covers model preparation, operational principles, and the user interface to begin using FLOASOFT. We will also run through various settings of calculations.

Simple calculation modes in FLOATSOFT

Here we will explain the simple calculation modes in FLOATSOFT and discuss how to read and use the results. 

Advanced calculation modes in FLOATSOFT

In this video, we will be looking at the iterative calculation modes that can help automate some calculations and get more results such as curves and tables that are necessary for stability analyses and reports. We will also learn how to display various graphs in FLOATSOFT and save them to external formats.

Natural buoyancy simulation mode and learning algorithm

This unique simulation mode helps you find how the hull will float in the water with particular loading conditions, including changing the center of gravity. In this tutorial, you will also learn how the self-learning algorithm works and what settings you can change in order to get better results. 

Using FLOATSOFT with an Assembly-level model

We will show how to use FLOATSOFT in a SOLIDWORKS assembly environment when you have no single part that represents the internal volume of the hull.  We will also explain how to get the center of mass of the assembly right into your calculations.

Try it for free

Want to try it yourself? It is easy to begin, download a free 14 day trial and follow a simple quick start guide to begin testing your project, watch the tutorials above, or contact support for help.  It only takes a minute to FLOATSOFT up and running.