About us

FloatSoft MB is an independent marine software company, founded in 2018 by Justinas Rubinovas. FloatSoft MB specializes in the development of engineering and calculation tools to aid modern CAD design of various naval vessels.

Since the early days, FloatSoft MB founder Justinas Rubinovas started designing and building his own small ships. For 3D modelling, he chose SOLIDWORKS, as it is most powerful and comprehensive 3D CAD software on the market today. However, SOLIDWORKS lacked hydrostatic calculations, crucial data required to optimize ship performance in early design stages. Because of this reason, Justinas started programming his own software – FLOATSOFT, that adds these specialized analysis capabilities to SOLIDWORKS. During the years of development, FLOATSOFT functionality has grown and become simple yet powerful tool that is ready to be used by designers across the world, who need quick and reliable hydrostatic calculations when working with SOLIDWORKS.

In 2023 FLOATSOFT has become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Solution partner. This opened more capabilities for our software development and allowed better integration with SolidWorks CAD, thus better user experience and versatile workflow for users. This partnership also ensures secure and constant new feature development and growth.