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  • Added the Units of measurement field in the Settings menu. HFLOATSOFT can now be used both in metric and imperial systems.
  • Added the Hull speed calculation, which can be selected in the Settings menu.
  • Graph window size can now be configured in the Settings menu.
  • Added the Simulation limit option in the Settings menu. It determines the maximum number of attempts FLOATSOFT will make to find a solution.
  • Added the unit display to the graph window, along with the X and Y axis naming.
  • Iteration modes now allow to do 2 iterations only (when the step value is equal to the range end). Useful for comparing the hydrostatics in 2 different conditions.
  • Changed the Main window size to 950 x 460 pixels to accommodate larger results in finer units of measurement.
  • Changed the application icon to make it more visible in dark taskbars.
  • Changed the font of the Results field in the Main window to a monospace Courier New for better copying-pasting to external text editors.
  • Renamed the “Precision” to “Error margin” field in the Settings window to make it’s function more intuitive.
  • If the model configuration file becomes corrupt, FLOATSOFT will now provide an option to delete it automatically.
  • Redesigned the Settings menu layout.
  • Disabled all inputs while the calculations are running to prevent application crashes.

Please note that upgrading from 1.05 to 1.10 will make your old model configuration files invalid, and the FLOATSOFT will prompt you to delete them.

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